by Sean Williams

Compositions and Collaborations

The launch of Impossible Music - which Booklist describes as an “inspiring read that is told with verve and depth“ - is nearly upon us. I’ve been working on music to feature during the launch (silently, of course) and below you’ll find two sneak previews, one of the visual poetry Ian Gibbins and I have been devising and the other of a new composition that I’ve been living with for a while now (it is, if I can be so immodest, my favourite thing to work to at the moment). Expect more like this as the launch gets nearer. It’s going to a truly inspiring event!

Trailer for “Vocem Video” by Ian Gibbins and Sean Williams, a long-form audio/visual project created especially for the Impossible Music launch.

Another collaboration between me and my 16-year-old self, this piece incorporates concrete recordings I made on cassette mutated in various ways this year alongside drones from recent recordings of a work I wrote at about same time. (The title is a work in progress, but not atypical of the kind I came up with in 1983.)